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Beach Clean Up
teamfludd - 9/17/2007 7:16 AM
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Category: Personal
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Beach Clean UpHello Everyone I`m writing just to tell a little bit about my experience. I went to Radio Island in north carolina for a beach clean up, it was very nice to do something good and get some diving in also. That`s the good part now for the different part, This was only my seventh dive and I never dove in Salt water only quarries so let`s just say very different alot more than you read in a book. I was at 16 lbs and still couldn`t go sad and I wanted to get all that trash..LOL after a while one of the more experienced divers showed me a way to go down by following the funny. once we got down the viz was good about 10-15 ft until tide came in ...he showed me how to cut some sea urchine well that was after i got stuck in the leg by one...and we feed the fishes, they came right up to your hand and started eating...oh yea speaking of first time in ocean...the currents aren`t anything to smile at either they almost had me about to eat my breakfast again...well at least I got to dive and learn some new things so next time I`ll be at the least more prepared. So far all you beginners like Me. Don`t let the sea tame you, you tame the Sea