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Morrison Springs July 2007
Tyson - 7/23/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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Morrison Springs July 2007Headed down from St. Louis MO to check out the spring. A little hard to find the place. I mentioned that to a local and he said they like it that way. Anyhoo vis was good 70-90` water temp was steady at 68-69. We swam over the platform to the ball and dropped down. Saw a freshwater eel and some fish ( bass I think)down hole and to the sign you could feel the flow of water coming out, and the small bits of wood and such would swirl out from the cave. We hit the sign and peered in, not wanting to go in as this was the 1st dive of 07 for the both of us. There are two very large rooms as you approach the sign. After my Cavern/Cave class I will venture further. its not worth doing something stupid just to go in and not come out, untrained and not ready, I feel we made the best decision, one which we would have to make at all the stops we went on this trip. The area is secluded and when we got there, it was a few divers and mostly swimmers having a good day cooling off in the sun. There are no staff or anyone there, no admission fees and for a free $$$ dive, I would go back in a heartbeat. My trusty Suunto died on me this dive, but my watch and tables didn`t lie. Upon or return to the shore at Morrison, the rain started coming down... ha ha thats Florida for ya :)