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July 4th in Cozumel
georoc01 - 7/05/2007 12:00 AM
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July 4th in CozumelThis week I headed to Cozumel for a four day trip. Originally scheduled as the first dive trip with my girlfriend, it didn`t work out that way. But it was still a great time. Stayed at the Hotel Allegro, an AI on the southern end of the island. Its a great location for diving as some of the best dive sites are just a short distance off its pier. It also has a really nice beach an decent good for an all inclusive. The only downside is that its so far out of town its a $15 cab ride each way to get back and forth should you choose to do that. Did my diving with Aldora Divers. I scheduled with them because they are the only dive shop on the island that features Steel 120 tanks, meaning less lead and longer down times. As an air hog, its a nice feature. Our dive master was Mario and he was great. He spent alot of time on the four dives trying to help me with my breathing. Since I was going through air almost twice as fast as anyone else, I was at a severe disadvantage. The biggest plus was the warmth and the visibility. After breaking my zipper on my suit on the 1st day, I dove without a suit on the 2nd day. Not a problem with temps in the mid 80`s. Visibility was great too, probably 100` in most places. The downside is the current. Trying to stop and take a picture of anything is virtually impossible. There was a point on dive 2 where he had us ground so we could stop to see an eel and norse shark. I was holding a rock with three fingers and had interlocked arms with one of the women in my dive group. It turns out that the rest of the group chained off of her, so I was actually holding four divers by three fingers in the strongest current I have ever experienced. the plus is if you ever wondered what it was like to fly like superman, this was it, just get horizontal and go. Pretty wild. We dove Palancar Gardens, Palancar Caves (new max depth for me 109`), Cedar Woods and Payar. This marked my 20th dive, and showed me how much more I have still to learn. It was a great trip and good experience. Looking forward to going back in August.