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Baby Barge, Maunalua Bay
Laura - 7/25/2009 9:06 PM
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Baby Barge, Maunalua Bay

D: 80ft | BT: 40min | Viz: Nice (76-100ft) | Surface: swell

Very nice diving today at baby barge. strong current and opposing wind let us drop right on top of the shark cave. but there were only turtles home, plus the big moray. but the cave under the barge had 2 whitetip sharks resting inside.The baby barge lies upright in 60ft of water, with the coral encrusted deck at about 45ft. To the port side of the barge runs a 10-20ft ledge dropping down to the deepest point of the dive, 85ft. This ledge has a few small caves in which there are almost always a few resting green sea turtles. To the west the ledge rises until and finally mostly dissipates 50 yards at white tip cave. This is a popular resting place for white-tip reef sharks.