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CDTC 6 Day off
KevinD - 7/19/2009 6:15 PM
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Category: Educational
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Day off. Go figure a day off and it rains! Only off and on in the morning then it cleared up. We did an AWARE coral monitor dive. The trip to the site took about 45 minutes. It is the same place we will do our Open Water presentations and workshop. Lots of sand, not much reef. We were told to collect data around 30 feet. John and I ended up going to 60 just to find a good reef. We were not the only ones. The brief was to go down the line, 330 degrees swim 5 minutes and you will find a bucket with a pole in it, turn left or right and there is the reef, 40 minutes. We went right and found zero, except a field of eels, for about 50 meters. We turned around and went deeper. Then we hit the deeper reef. Each team collected on 10 coral. It was not a great reef but there was some nice life on it, nothing big by any means. I took a few pictures but I did not bring my strobe. We returned to the hotel and inputted data, talked about the program and how to make it better. Tomorrow (Monday) Wreak Dive!