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Two things I forgot to mention
Saturn5 - 5/24/2007 12:00 AM
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Two things I forgot to mentionWhile we were doing our North Damsite dives when we got past the forest shelf we found a dropoff cliff that we could see bottom. The shelf was about 60 feet and we could see the floor about 20 feet below. So we did our slow motion cliff diving imitations there. It was kind of silly, but still pretty fun.

Topside, Margaret told us that a couple of jetskis had been using our dive bouy for target practice. Unfortunately for them, there was a sheriff on shore watching them, so they each got about a $500 ticket for that when they brought their crafts up to their trailer. Apparently, that wasn`t enough for them so they decided to argue and get mad at the sheriff. Ok, maybe it`s my keen observation skills... but if I`m out in the middle of nowhere and the sheriff`s uniform is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that says "Sheriff" on it and the guy has to do the old "pull adjust" to his gun belt as he walks.... Yep, to me I start seeing flashbacks of "Deliverance" coming to mind. So the sheriff gave them their tickets there and drove off. When we left, the sheriff had the guys stopped and was searching their truck. Some guys don`t learn I guess.

Ok, three things. I discovered back during DUI days that my BCD was a bit small when wearing heavy insulation or the dry suit. So I talked with Mark and he loaned me a Black Diamond BCD a size larger to try out during this trek. It`s one with the back wing instead of the wrap around bladder. That was kind of odd at first until I realized that the posture I needed to purge was the same as with a dry suit. So I thought along that line for the rest of the trip and found that it was actually a really comfortable BCD. So when I got back I wound up buying it. It`s pretty adjustable... but the only part that I can`t adjust is the shoulders. It`s just right when fully pulled tight. Would like that to have a bit more lattitude, but overall I was pretty impressed with the unit.

Make that four things... I was having difficulty getting my camera to flash consistently when I was down. Not really sure what I was doing with it. Thought I had the settings so that it would fire regardless of whether it thought it needed to or not. I`ll have to play with that a bit. I asked Mark about doing some pool work with it once I get the chance and he told me anytime I wanted to go is fine. Always like a helpful diveshop, makes finding things that work much easier and more fun.

Ok, that`s it for now.