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Is world diving possible????
CaliforniaKeith - 5/10/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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Is world diving possible????Well Ive been diving for some years now, but only california, Baja Mexico, Hawaii. Ive had a boat ever since I could drive and taken the boats in lakes or where ever there is a launch ramp for the ocean. One trip 5 of us lived on the boat in Baja for 3 nights 4 days of diving. Im trying to see if there would be interest in a few of us buying a sailboat & travel the world & dive where we want when we want. Ive been researching the idea for years, reading storys of people that already do it. I use to think OH NO, I cant leave Los Angeles I MUST work everyday & be a slave to society. Everyone will miss me, the town will collaps, LOL. Get real Keith, people are living on boats all over the world, so I thought buy a boat, travel for years, come back & sell the boat & get back to the slave rat race. Then I read a couples sailboat logs of there trips for almost 3 years. I thought they are doing it & on a boat that cost less than $40,000. HAHAHA they R doing it & im not??????????? Then the wife could not take the boat life anymore, divorce time. Then later the guy found a new wife & they are sailing again, on a boat that cost less than a car. Soooooo, anybody have any ideas??? & any real adventurous type out there? Many ppl say they would like to travel the world, but they are just blowing AIR hahaha. There are 1000s of travelers blogs to read on the net, to see how the sailing life really is. I was in the military so I have already learned about living close quarters. Ive had several roommates over time too. I also lived in my camper for a few months when I was betweeen houses. So a person MUST know how to get along with others. What would be great is to have enough ppl for 2 boats 10-12 ppl, then we would create our own partys where ever we went. Also when we stay in one town for a few weeks everyone can take turns traveling on land, or even fly back to the USA if they need to. There are ways to prepare & get the $$$$$$ needed for such a trip. I am starting to plan for April of 2012 to be the decision time on where to go. So a couple of years to get to know ppl all over & get a sailboat to prepare it for the world. So any suggestions are welcome & if U have the DESIRE, lets talk, I know how to get the $$$$$$.


plaidbox - 11/08/2007 6:51 AM
I`m drooling now. Living on a boat has been my dream since childhood.... Still working on getting up the capital, though :)
MONTY - 8/01/2007 1:54 PM
As I said. I`M IN. Obviously you know more about boats than me. Come up with a few possible ships and prices, number of crew need to sail it and guest crew capacity... If you tell me with more details what to look for on a boat, i`ll do the same here. I live in the Boat Capital of the world... Fort Lauderdale.

And yes, I`m serious about it.

DalelynnSims - 5/11/2007 12:00 AM
Need a divemastor/instructor to come along? :-)

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