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Scuba Marketing 102: Social Networking
Greg - 2/18/2009 9:29 AM
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Scuba Marketing 102: Social NetworkingAs a scuba retailer, you sell products and services to scuba divers. Scuba divers are usually pretty tech savvy and most will participate in online social networking. You could stick with your existing magazine and newspaper ads OR you can revise your marketing campaign to include the use of social networks.

Benefiting from a social network is not as easy as just having your company profile listed. You need to remain active...your profile needs to be updated need to write blog articles (ie: specialty of the month, recent dive trip, gear review) need to respond to comments/messages within 24 need to post new photos on a monthly basis (ie: scuba class photos, new gear) need to organize events (ie: promote future training classes, meet & greets, local dive trips, bbq’s, etc.).

For scuba retailers, I suggest that you participate in two online social networks: and FaceBook. is obviously targeted to existing scuba divers. Facebook will allow you to advertise to more non-divers in hopes of attracting them to our sport. For business to business networking, consider a profile on

Get online, stay active and begin to grow your business in the age of Internet. Embrace the change, don’t fear it. You’ll soon realize it’s more fun than you think and your bottom line will improve.

I would love to discuss social networking with you more, so contact me anytime.

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Greg Davis
Owner and Member #1


scubajcf - 2/25/2009 10:12 AM

Hi Greg,

Just a quick footnote to your discussion regarding Social Networking. In February 2009, so far, about 38% of our traffic from "Referred Sites" was generated through/by The Academy of Scuba (me) is fairly new on DiveBuddy and I couldn’t be more happy with all the great people I have met. I hope I have the opportunity to dive with them all.

John Flanders
Academy of Scuba


anjdiver - 2/19/2009 11:47 AM
We also use myspace - it’s pretty easy to keep up with the networks... Just have to be passionate about what you do I guess :)