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Learning to dive
Posted by Lori0916
Learning to dive
Lori0916 - 4/05/2007 12:00 AM
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Learning to divei went to jamaica last summer, it was beautiful, the water was so clear. i decided it would be fun to go snorkeling. so i hopped on the boat and away we went. there were 2 of us snokleling and 3 divers.. the divers jumped in and started their decent, i jumped in and much to my supprise the other person snorkeling backed out and stayed on the boat. there i am all alone in this big blue ocean. i placed my mask and snorkel on and away i went. when i looked down the divers were right below, i began to swim, following the divers, watching as they pointed out neat fish, coral, rocks, etc.. it was the most amazing thing.. i watched these divers in awe. when i got back to the boat i said " i am so going to do that " and the day after i got back home i called the local dive shop and was registered for the class. you see, i have always loved the water, since i was 3 when my mother threw me in the pool and said " sink or swim " i began to swim and haven`t stopped since. so it was only a matter of time before i found it..... DIVING !!! that first decent into the unknown.. that first breath of air.. the cool water all around me.. i was finally there.. the feeling of total PEACE... the feeling of FREEDOM.. i had never known such things... until i was 30ft under water. once i was certified, i was off and running.. or should i say diving.. my first big dive was in mexico for my birthday.. i spent my 35th birthday under water... it was the most amazing day of my life.. there i was again, the ocean so clear, the water warm. i jumped off the boat, floating there in the middle of the ocean, but this time was diffrent.. this time i wasn`t going to watch from above, this time i was one of those divers, pointing out neat fish, coral and rocks.. this time i was floating at 60ft under water. i saw so many amazing things.. the most beautiful coral, plants, fish, rays, barracuda`s, turtles, too much to name or describe. being down there, the feelings..the thoughts.. there are almost no words that can completely describe this amazing experience.. but then again, those reading this know excatly what i mean.. next we went to the cenotes.. ( those who haven`t been there, underwater caverns ).. it was such a change from the day before, diving in the warm water of the ocean. this water was breath takingly cold.. after a minute to catch my breath, down we went into the underwater caves.. it was incredible.. there were only a few fish, but the rocks, the formations.. AWESOME!!! i got to see helocline ( the mixing of fresh water and salt water )..i thought dive master was crazy when he was explaining this, i learned about thermocline, but helocline?? until i saw it in the cave that day.. yet another amazing thing i have experienced underwater.. this world of diving has opened so much inside me.. the feeling of peace & freedom. the feeling that i can do anything.. this world of diving has unlimited possabilites. next up.. some practice diving this summer to develope my diving skills.. some more education.. underwater photography course and a wreck diving course are definately in my immediate future.. who knows what will follow.. peace, love and happiness to all keep diving


rsigmund - 4/27/2007 12:00 AM
Be sure to keep up with your skills, although it sounds like you already know this. I had a very similar situation to get me into diving. I too was in jamacia and decided to take the resort course and take a couple 30 foot dives. I was hooked on the first dive and knew that certification was in my future. I have been diving ever since and have started a dive club. I also have brought 3 more people into the sport who have found the same love of the sport. If you love to dive, find others that love the same, and have a safe, great time in the water.
Dorkfish - 4/07/2007 12:00 AM
You just have to love actually seeing things like a helocline. It is always interesting to hear people say: "huh, a what?" But when I explain that if they have heard the term "heavy water" they are basically the same.

Heavy water is water that has a heavier hydrogen atom content than normal (not the number, just the actual weight of the atom). When fresh water mixes with salt, this heavy water finds places to settle and even flow in some cases.

One of the things (if you get to see one sometime) is seeing an actual underwater river in the ocean. It is simply mindblowing to watch the sea life exploit it.