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My Family and friends hate
misstopsail - 10/06/2008 3:02 PM
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Category: Personal
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My Family and friends hate started diving in 2006, got certified during an Marine ecology course to Andros island, and i love it. Whenever i’m feeling shitty, i get a dive trip planned and give myself something to look forward to. But for some reason, my family and friends have decided they hate it. HATE IT. Every time i mention a dive, my father goes white, and tries to find reasons for me not to go. My roommate flat out tells me not to go, and my mother, well she just doesn’t want to hear about it at all. When i leave for trips, it feels like they’re all planning my funeral or something. I love SCUBA, but it’s really hard to clear my mind and dive when i have all these people thinking im going to get hurt. Then, when i come home, and am so excited, and want to talk about it, they don’t wanna hear any of it. Won’t look at pictures, they act like i never went. I had to cancel a dive at gilboa due to a sinus infection, and i could have sworn i heard my dad dancing over the phone. I’ve got this weekend at Gilboa planned in the near future (two nights, camping, the first overnight trip i’ve done since my cert dives), and i want my family to be supportive and excited for me. Does anyone have any advice on helping family realize the fun in diving, rather than just the danger? I’ll take any help you can offer! Thanks, Angie


Greg - 10/29/2008 9:45 AM
Wow, sounds like they’re pretty narrow minded. Do they drive a car or walk in the rain? Tell them they have a better chance of getting hurt in a car accident or getting struck by lightning than getting hurt by scuba if you follow all the rules and dive safe.