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Gypsy Blood Stolt Dagli 21 Sept 08
ScouterJT - 9/21/2008 5:14 PM
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After two years of diving, I finally made it to a NJ wreck dive. The Stolt Dagli was a Norwegian tanker that, in a dense fog, was hit by an Israeli cruise ship in the 60’s. The Stolt split in two; the stern section sank. The bow section remained afloat and was eventually attached to a new stern and lived to sail another day. For more information, see

I’m told that today was a magnificant day with visibility close to 60 feet and water temps in the 60’s. Supposedly, normal conditions are no where near as nice. I guess I’ll have to go out on some more wreck dives and see for myself.

I met up with Frank; Kera also dived with us. We kept our dives around the top of the wreck; really going no deeper than 75 feet even though the sand is at about 130 feet. We saw plenty of fishies and jellies; lots of different jellies. And one very territorial fish that kept looking at its reflection in my mask; it actually started to nibble on Kera’s!

The rest of the boat were assorted hunters and scavengers; all were successful. Several large bags of mussels and scallops managed to find their way on board, as well as a lobster or two ... and a few artifacts.

Kudos to Captain Jim and the crew of the Gypsy Blood; Denise, Brian, and Sean.

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