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Living & Working Beneath the Sea...
seawolfdiving - 8/18/2008 7:13 PM
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Living & Working Beneath the Sea
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live & work beneath the sea? Perhaps even become a permanent resident under the waves…?

As a child, I always used to dream about what it would be like to reside in that wondrous world hidden just below the surface. The idea of diving to work, or perhaps piloting a submersible there has always fascinated me; So much so, in fact, that I joined the Navy at a very young age, and “went to sea”. Shortly after joining the navy, I learned to dive (both scuba and surface supplied air).

Ahh, but that was so very long ago, and those are just “childhood fantasies” of times long past. Or are they?

What if I told you that it is really possible for you to experience what it is like to live this dream? Would you believe me? Would you call me crazy…?

Those who know me would believe me, because they know that I have done it. I have stayed an extended period of time (more than 24 hours) in an undersea structure. What’s more, I’m not the only one.

Man has been ‘experimenting” with underwater habitats for more than four decades (even longer by some reports). But to date, none of them are “permanent” though several have been in operation for between 10 and 20 years.

But to some of you, this may be “old news”. After all, who hasn’t heard of Jules Undersea Lodge, MRDF’s MarineLab habitat, or NOAA’s Aquarius. But now I want to tell you all about something new and exciting.

After many years of research, experience and “lessons learned” it’s time to move this game to the next level. It’s time to put all of those things we learned about living and working under the sea to real and practical use.

I would like to introduce you all to a group of exceptional folks who are working to make this all happen. They are ready to take it to the next level. I have placed a URL to their website in this bulletin. and I invite you all to visit the website, and carefully consider all of the information that they present.

Please keep in mind that the people who are involved with this project are highly respected scientists, engineers, divers and explorers with many years of experience in their respective fields. Their proposal is real, viable, and inevitable. This is not science fiction. This is going on even as you read this bulletin.

So please, visit the website. Read the information (even better to read the companion book that is available through the site). Watch the videos. And if you are like-minded and wish to get involved, then please feel free to do so...

The URL is:


tjdiving - 8/20/2008 9:02 AM
That is so cool!
Greg - 8/19/2008 6:41 PM
That’s just wild! I sure am tempted though...sounds awesome!