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Wounded Warrior Program
scubaclay - 7/12/2008 5:45 PM
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I had the honor today of doing the Wounded Warrior Project for the second year in a row. I am at a loss of words on how great I feel about doing this program. Having come home during Viet Nam, it is very warming to se the reception that is given these great heros. We all have our share of problems tha vex us through out our lives. Immagine waking up to find that you are now minus an arm or a leg or both legs. Try to put that into perspective wih our minor problems. Now try to immagine haw thes young vets feel. I got the warmest feeling in my heart seeing the smiles and can do attitudes that these your mn and women and their families have. Just giving them a few minutes of freedom in the swimming pool makes one feel great.

As I said, I was honored to do the program for the second year in a row. I must thank Stew, Dave, Bob, and Frank, along with Sandra. All of these insturctors gave up a Saturday, and traveled to Breezy Poing NY. to do the program. I will be available to do the program again next year, and every other year that they want me to do so. The great feeling I get is more that worth the limited time I give up.


It would be nice if everyone who is a dive professional woulod get involvedin programs like this. There is such a need out there to help these young heros, tht more people are needed. I only wish I had the proper words to describe how I truley feel.