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Shark Island
Fassbender - 5/25/2008 5:19 AM
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Located in the South of Koh Tao there is a big granite pinnacle formation known as Shark Island. This spectacular name was given to this site because of the reef sharks that you can observe in the very early morning and the
late afternoon.
Besides these sharks there are lots of other amazing creatures to observe – like blue spotted sting rays, great barracudas, christmas tree worms living in big stone corals and as a highlight there is a resident turtle that can be
seen here frequently.
The landscape underwater is quite unique as well. Diving down along the rock on its east side heading to the north there are lots of big square shaped rocks looking quite unnatural – but being formed by nature. Have a look under these rocks and check out what is hiding in all the crevices – you will find a lot of aquatic life to discover!
Once you have reached the northern part of the site, there is a beautiful area full of pink and purple colored soft corals.
Heading back to the boat making your way slowly up to the safety stop you will find an amazingly beautiful hard and soft coral garden at shallow depth.
If you are traveling with a non-diver, this stunning place also offers a great opportunity to explore its beauty simply by snorkeling!
The depth ranges from 0 to 25 m, which makes it an excellent dive spot for all level of divers.


In the month of June we do have the lowest tide throughout the year, so there might be days, when there seems to be almost no water left at the beaches. The weather- and sea conditions are usually perfect – calm seas with almost no currents, ideal to do some great dives with good visibility. Occasionally the South-West Monsoon brings short, but heavy rain showers – usually in the afternoon.