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Three New Master Scuba Divers
santy2506 - 5/04/2008 6:16 AM
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It was a great weekend of diving at Ocean Concepts Hawaii. Adam, Neil, Jon, Eric, Rick and Karen all completed specialties this past Saturday at Electric Beach. We had a great time practicing some navigation and photography skills and perfecting some buoyancy skills as well as exploring the reef for marine life. We spotted a few new eels trying to hide in the metal pipes along the main pipe.

Sunday was another great day aboard the South Seas II. Captain Mike took us Twin Caves and we said hello to the resident White Tip Reef Shark. The second dive was at 29 Down. We toured the z-blocks near the plane then returned to the plane to see another White Tip Reef Shark looking for a place to catch a mid-day nap. We also spotted a nice Octopus peeking at us from the rocks. I love watching them change colors. Sometimes I wish I could change colors so the octopus won’t see me coming. Check our daily schedule to see our dive sites and schedule your dives today.

The summer diving season is quickly arriving. The North Shore was very nice for diving during the week, but the surf conditions didn’t cooperate through the weekend. Conditions permitting, we’re planning on conducting our next Adventure Dive Extravaganza at Three Tables on May 24th as well as our monthly night shore dives the night prior on May 23rd.

Finally, congratulations to Eric, Rick and Karen for completing the Master Scuba Diver Certification, a great accomplishment for all. Karen was noticeably excited as she let out a celebratory scream as soon as her head popped up from the water. So, how did Rick and Karen celebrate their achievement? They changed out their tanks and went in for another dive, their first dives as Ocean Concepts Master Scuba Divers. Find out how you can become an Ocean Concepts Master Scuba Diver by writing me or checking our website below.

We have scheduled some great diving for the month of May. Check the calendar and giant stride in with us during one of our 3-Tank Afternoon/Twilight/Night Dives. If you’re not currently certified but would like to try it, ask me how you can try Scuba Diving in a pool environment for free.

As always, you can write to me with any questions you may have about diving and how you can start diving. For the experienced diver, ask me how you can become a Master Scuba Diver.