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Coral Reef Id Specialty
ghostdiver - 4/07/2008 6:25 PM
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Category: Educational
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I will be adding a photo of the trip later but I just wanted to share what my dive trip to Utila, Honduras was like. First of all this was a return trip, since my shop "Sterling Silver Scuba" has been travelling there for a number of years (long before I started working/DM’ing there). Anway, we took a group of about 12 folks to the Laguna Beach Resort and I had a great time! I am sure that everyone else did too, since we all made fast friends. I cannot stress how diving has been responsible for my meeting some really nice folks!

Anyway, almost everyone came away from the trip with at least two new certifications/specialities. Even one of my best friends, Aaron, an SSI diver joined in and earned a PADI "unique" specialty. The "unique" comes from the fact that you probably won’t find "coral reef ID" in any of the current PADI pubs. Dr. Mel Briscoe actually certified this lucky group for the paltry some of $30! Everyone seemed to gain a lot of environemental knowledge and conservational awareness as a result of the course, I know I DID!

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of those people who joined me on the trip and helped me celebrate my birthday while in Utila! So, in no particular order: Aaron H, JF, Loius, Dan E, Vee, Ami, Bill B, Dr Mel, Mike & Dan (DM’s), Blade, Angie, Waggie, Kerry and whoever I forgot...THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!


jfhuard - 4/14/2008 8:31 PM
This was a great trip and class to take. I dove in Cozumel a fair amount this year where the reefs were damaged by hurricane wilma a couple years ago. Despite that the reefs in Utila are much bigger, there are in much worst shape due to the lack if fish, mangrove destruction and algea taking over. Without preservation, I feel that there are only a few years left before those reef are gone.