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I found a plane
blacksambellamy - 3/14/2008 10:43 PM
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I found a planeA few years ago I strolled onto Marconi beach to get my daily exercise. The day started out like any other and as I walked down the beach I collected shells, rocks and enjoyed the beauty of nature. After walking about a mile I spotted something on the beach that would not only change my life but the life of others. This object was a 50 caliber bullet. For most people this would be just another object to add to a beach combing collection, but I needed answers. Why was an object of such violence lying in the sand on a seemingly tranquil beach? Where did it come from? These were just some of the questions running through my head..............................................That bullet would eventually lead me to re-discover an old military base and a plane.>>>>>>>> I opened up a new website documenting my search for this military DRONE. After a 3 year search i was successful. The website is Enjoy