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Maybe going bubbleless
ScottPadipro - 12/11/2006 12:00 AM
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Category: Equipment
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Maybe going bubblelessI`ve been wanting to switch to a closed circuit rebrether aka CCR for quite some time but the cost has always kept me from taking the bubbleless plunge. $6000 to $15000 has always made me think twice but I had a chance to talk to Richie Kohler (Deep Sea Detectives) at DEMA (The Diving Equipment Marketing Association trade show)this year about his new Evolution CCR by Ambient Pressure Diving. His comments peaked my interest again and after running a few number on how much money I`ll save on breathing gas, helium is expensive, I`ve desided to finally foot the bill for a fully closed electronically controlled rebreather...the Megalodon. The Meg as it`s called is manufactured by a company called Innerspace Systems Corp of Centralia Washington, USA. This thing looks like something straight out of a SiFi movie and with just two small 19 cuft cylinders will give you nearly 6 hours of breathing gas regardless of your depth. This means that you`ll have 6 hours of bottom time whether you`re at 20 feet or 500 feet. Now I`m not planning on spending 6 hours in the water or diving to 500 feet for that matter but because of the outstanding breathing gas efficiency a normal diver making an hour long dive to say 60 feet will only use a couple of hundred psi at the very most. So when I make those deep dives on trimix that require 30 to 40 minutes of decompression it will only cost me $8 to $10 for breathing gas instead of $50 to $60 to do the same dive on open circuit. The initial cost is right up there with a nice used car, $12,000 US but I`m looking at it like you would a new enegry efficient water heater for your home, it may cost you a bit more up front but it will save you money in the long run. I`ll be placing my order with Innerspace in early January and hope to be diving the Meg by the end of February. I`ll keep you posted. Scott