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Sand Tigers:Hit Men of The Aquarium
sharkdiver73 - 1/30/2008 4:43 PM
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Category: Educational
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Sand Tigers:Hit Men of The AquariumWe have a lot of respect for big Aquariums. It`s not easy maintaining all that diverse underwater wildlife inside 300,000 gallons of saltwater. Ever tried to maintain a goldfish? Then again, you`ll have have to shake your head harder than a Sand Tiger with a fresh kill in it`s mouth when you see this next video. Yesterday at the Mall of America in the World`s Largest Underground Aquarium a Sand Tiger took out a perfectly good White Tip. We called Steve Blair assistant curator of the Aquarium of the Pacific for clarification, "These guys are known in aquariums as reactive hunters, they bite other animals quite frequently. The good news is they do not have tearing and ripping teeth, otherwise that white tip would have been a goner". Which reminds us to remind you. Never trust a Sand Tiger. Here`s the story and here`s the video: