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how many will you get right?
mo - 12/26/2007 7:18 AM
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Category: Educational
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how many will you get right? 1. Which one of the following is the testing standard for a steel diving cylinder in the UK
BS EN 1968
BS EN 1802

2. A Standard cylinder is filled to 232 Bar, This is called the?

3. How many litres of air does a 12 Litre cylinder hold when it is filled to 232 Bar?

4. Cylinders should be visually tested every ____ years and hydraulically tested every ____ years. What are the missing numbers?
2 and 5
1 and 4
2.5 and 5
2 and 4

5. What pressure of air is delivered by the second stage?
1 Bar

6. Having carried out a buoyancy check, how much additional weight should be added to compensate for air used in the dive?
1-2 Kg
2-4 Kg
4-6 Kg

7. What safety feature is essential in a weight belt?
Fixed weights
Brightly coloured
Shot weights
Quick release buckle

8. What is the capacity of the standard emergency cylinders that are integrated into a BC?
0.2 Litre
0.4 Litre
0.9 Litre
1.5 litre

9. How often should regulators be serviced?
Every 2 years
Every 3 years
Every 5 years

10. Where might you find a lubber line?
In a buoyancy compensator
On a cylinder
On a boat
On a compass

11. What causes a wet suit to loose buoyancy at depth?
The neoprene absorbes water
Air is lost from the neoprene
Gas bubbles in the neoprene compress
Water enters the wet suit

12. In equipment terms what is an Octopus?
A manifold
A metal clip
A second regulator
Twin cylinders

13. What heading would you travel on to head due West?
270 degrees
245 degrees
360 degrees
90 degrees

14. What is the reciprocal bearing to 320 degrees?
180 degrees
140 degrees
302 degrees
500 degrees

15. When might you not use a SMB?
Night Dive
Wreck Dive
Drift Dive
Boat dive

16. Where might you find a venturi?
In a regulator
In a BC
On a cylinder
On a diving knife

17. The first stage of a regulator acts as a?
Air mixing valve
Pressure relief valve
Shut down valve
Pressure reducing valve

18. What is the main function of a BC?
Carry things in the pocket
Attach equipment to
Keep you warm
Provide buoyancy

19. Which of the following are not related to a depth gauge?
Bourdon type
Rotating bezel type
Diaphragm type
Capillary type

20. What is a demand valve?
A regulators first stage
A regulators second stage
An air dumping valve
A valve on a snorkel

I will post the answers on Sunday the 30th, good luck


1. BS EN 1968
2. WP
3. 2784
4. 2.5 and 5
5. Ambient
6. 2-4 Kg
7. Quick release buckle
8. 0.4 Litre
9. Every year
10. On a compass
11. Gas bubbles in the neoprene compress
12. A second regulator
13. 270 degrees
14. 140 degrees
15. Wreck Dive
16. In a regulator
17. Pressure reducing valve
18. Provide buoyancy
19. Rotating bezel type
20. A regulators second stage

How did you do?