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The first Thailand Divemaster Course of the season...
similandiver - 11/16/2013 2:36 PM
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The first Thailand Divemaster Course of the season...BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL

Every dive professional remembers their Divemaster course as a life changing experience. It improves your skills and knowledge but most importantly It changes the way you see people and diving.

For Beth, Tim and Jacob, most of the trainig has been done while getting experience with most of out members of the staff. It’s interesting to see how people can improve just by learning form people with different experience levels and styles.

They’ve come long way and now they are working on the practical and theoretical evaluations. This is probably the most fun part. You get to act 100% as a divemaster and coordinate activities, plan dives, take people in the water, basically this is when you DIVEMASTER and still you have input from your instructor.

Everything you learn in the pool you apply towards helping instructors with begginers, what you practice in open water you assist guides and at the same time you learn from them.

In other words, all the experience you gain you get to apply, that’s why we can make the course so effective, you don’t just sit through a set of lectures and pool sessions, it’s not just a course, it’s an experience and this is why your perception of diving changes, you see it from the professionals point of view, and this is how you become a professional, it is not just the skills, it is also the mindset and the attitude.

-Wicked Diving Thailand