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We went to Folly Cove and met George
Coho - 11/06/2007 1:42 PM
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We went to Folly Cove and met GeorgeThis was an easy but lovely earlier this summer: We had good visibility (for New England) of about 25 feet, with a wall of rocks from the shore to our side and a sandy bottom beneath. A few crabs rested between rocks and kelp. Tiny marble-sized hermit crabs scuttled across the sandy bottom. Under one rock I spied a couple claws which belonged to a lobster. (The claws retreated until only the tip of one claw showed.) There were a few flounder, one in a soup-bowl sized depression it had made to better hide in. When they`re still flounders really do blend in with the sand - though later I saw one in the rocks that was a dark red seaweed-on-rock color. There were numerous small fish, from tiny schools of wee things no more than an inch long to reddish-brown conners (?) several inches in length. The big bonus was a large (18-ish inches?) striped bass that followed us around, apparently as curious about us - or as hopeful - as a hungry puppy. I named him George. All in all a wonderful time!