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About Aquatic Burials L.L.C.
Posted by KeithSigler
About Aquatic Burials L.L.C.
KeithSigler - 2/01/2012 9:30 PM
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About Aquatic Burials L.L.C.Aquatic Burials L.L.C. provide an alternative to traditional dispersal of cremated ash (cremains) by placing the ash within environmentally safe, specialized urns called Ash Pods. The Ash Pod is then hand released, at a predetermined depth, in the waters surrounding Oahu, Hawaii.

We offer a permanent, yet cost effective, placement for the cremains of loved ones in the depths of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Oahu. Once settled, Ash Pods allow life to abound by providing cover and hideaways for all types of aquatic species.

This service provides an exact location for families to visit, as well as, helps alleviate land management stresses, while aiding in the development and longevity of our oceans. Aquatic Burials has a long term goal of creating artificial reefs.

Upon completion of the service, the family will receive GPS coordinates to the exact location of their loved one’s memorial. A map translating the coordinates, in relation to the island, will accompany the coordinates, as well as, photographic documentation of the loved one’s Ash Pod being released.

Aquatic Burials provides the handling of the cremains from the time of reception, the casting and inclusion of the cremains into the desired Ash Pod, the transportation and final placement of the Ash Pod to the memorial site, as well as GPS coordinates displayed on a map depicting the exact location of your memorial, along with photographic documentation of the Ash Pod’s deployment. The total cost of the entire service ($500.00). Please visit for more information.

Thanks for your time,