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Brion from New Caney TX | Scuba Diver

A Profile description?!?!?! Okay okay... Well, I’m getting back into diving after about 6-7 years off (due to lack of people to dive with when I lived in Chicago). I had moved to Houston TX for a couple of years, met some great people and got re-connected to diving. My career took me back to Chicago, and back again to Houston! I’ve been busy as heck at work again, but I’d still like to try and get back in the water one of these days. Now to try to get my wife and some friends to get certified and learn how much fun it is to be under the sea!!!

-Brion (Fitzy)

And now one of my favorite children’s movie quotes... "Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter." (under the sea of course) - Disney’s "The Little Mermaid"


Saturn5 - 8/25/2008 7:18 PM

Thanks... glad it was helpful for you too. I had thought I had done my homework before heading down there, but didn’t know anyone who had used any particular outfitters. The original outfitters might actually be fine, but we got the impression we were just kind of an inconvenience for them. But glad it worked out and we got over on the H2O Below... great captain and crew there.

Keep blowing bubbles.
Greg - 8/05/2008 4:29 PM

Check out my recent reply to the divebuddy happy hour forum topic. I added the ability to subscribe to a member’s events based on your suggestion. Also, you can already view a member’s events OR an area’s events using the rss links I’ve created:
dalehall - 7/03/2008 8:36 PM
LOL!! Thanks for the comment. Love the beer underwater pic!!!

Eve - 7/02/2008 5:32 PM
What a great idea, thanks !

Eve - 7/02/2008 5:32 PM
What a great idea, thanks !

shayshay936 - 7/02/2008 5:19 PM
awesome...keep in touch would love to go if available when that time comes. I just got back from Blue Lagoon last weekend. Visibility kinda sucked but was fun. Headed back to Roatan in Aug for more diving. Would love to try some other places with new friends...
badintexas - 6/10/2008 12:12 PM
Hey Brion! It was great meeting you Saturday! Greg is at the Blue Lagoon most weekends during the summer (and the kids and I go swimming alot too) so if you’re heading up this way, email Greg. Maybe ya’ll can dive together again. Take care!
SheltieMama - 6/09/2008 2:17 PM
Hey Fitzy (or should we say Fizzy?!?!?) Had a great time diving with you on Saturday... even though you can’t lay off the beer even when down under 25 feet! LOL! ;-) Let’s get wet again soon!