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The conundrum of certification
MisterEd - 10/01/2020 5:22 PM
Category: Training
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At one PADI lesson to go I stopped training with my PADI instructor. My former instructor did not complete my referral transfer documentation correctly. Today I drove an hour to the new shop I will be using to complete open water certification.

I have to get a new medical form filled out by my primary physician and since my former instructor did not accurately record my contained dives I cannot advance to open water training dives. Fortunately my new dive instructor agreed to evaluate what I’ve learned so I do not need to pay twice for knowledge gained.

Until my evaluation I do not know how much I will have to pay in addition to the 6 PADI lesson I already paid for. On a positive note my former instructor refunded $96.00 for partial training.

My new instructor is waiting for the YMCA to allow contained water dive training again. The is open for water aerobics, hopefully training will resume soon..

After evaluation I can take the exam and complete open water. I had no idea getting open certification would be so difficult.
Airworks - 10/01/2020 5:46 PM
It’s not difficult per se, but your uncooperative instructor made it harder than it needed to be. Good luck from here forward.
ChristopherBurgert - 10/02/2020 12:12 PM
Sounds like he ripped you off. He should fully refund every penny you spent on certification. Where is the shop located?
MisterEd - 10/02/2020 1:42 PM
He’s an independent PADI instructor, Jack Marshall Professional Diving Services, Trumansburg NY.
In the referral letter he failed to itemize my skills, by writing I completed many dives which means absolutely nothing. PADI management was a farce, they said click on this link to locate another diving PADI instructor, completely useless.

I am pleased my instructor is willing to evaluate what I have learned, however, I will have to pay more but at least somewhere down the line hopefully I will be able to dive. The sad part is after gallbladder surgery I’m not as strong as I was before the surgery this is proven by swimming at the YMCA.

One of the questions on the newly revised medical statement is can you swim a certain distance or walk 1/4 of a mile without rest. I could easily answer both with a hardy yes, now I’m not so sure. I’m hoping to build endurance before contained water dives are approved at the YMCA again.

The best case scenario is to complete known skills and to grasp new skills in the shortest amount of time. Living in Northeast USA I don’t know if open water dives will be postponed until warmer weather?
LatitudeAdjustment - 10/04/2020 10:43 AM
From MisterEd: Living in Northeast USA I don’t know if open water dives will be postponed until warmer weather?

In the old days no, we did the rescue part of the course in a lightly frozen over Willow Springs, Pa and I helped students aboard a diveboat with ice on the deck.

My wifes ow check out dives would have been on a trip to Grand Cayman, the whole class went and we did go even though she couldn’t dive because the DM jumped on top of her and hit her head with an Aluminum 80 so maybe you didn’t have the worst instructor ever but close :(