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Perhaps a silly question?
MisterEd - 9/16/2020 11:21 AM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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I haven’t been certified yet, do I need PADI certification to rent air cylinders?
warrenhulk - 2 days 13 hours ago.
Christopher is correct! Certification is a must for tank rental with air.
Airworks - 2 days 2 hours ago.
Doesn’t have to be PADI. Every major dive organization (SSI, NAUI, SDI, etc.) offer classes as first steps to Open Water certification.
Caloosa - 1 day 22 hours ago.
You need some sort of certification agency, doesn’t have to be PADI
MisterEd - 1 day 21 hours ago.
I will try to work out my issues with PADI. I paid around $800 ? for open water training training and I will be taking my final training lessons next week. My instructor charges $86 a session after 7 lessons, however, I do not know what my next lesson might entail nor do I know how many more sessions I need to prove I am open water worthy.

It’s a big mess, I think he has already made up his mind about my certification. Consequently I may need to repeat certain training exercises to demonstrate I qualify for open water certification. This may include extra training sessions and having to pay more money.
LatitudeAdjustment - 1 day 18 hours ago.
There are no silly questions but you may get silly answers on here :)
MisterEd - 1 day 17 hours ago.
That’s an excellent idea, I paid for OW certification so my instructor will have to hold up his part of the contract. This may work to my advantage as the temperatures are dropping in the Northeast.
ChristopherBurgert - 1 day 15 hours ago.
Sounds like he is scamming the hell out of you. I paid 250.00 for advanced open water in 2016.
Eric_R - 9 hours 22 minutes ago.
Is this instructor associated with a dive shop?
MisterEd - 8 hours 0 minutes ago.
He is an independent PADI instructor. I emailed PADI Quality and Assurance for an inquiry into my PADI instructor. I gave them how much i paid for lessons, fins, mask/snorkel and boots. I mentioned my instructor is leaning to scuba diver certification even though I paid for OW certification. Told about left foot weakness and that I bought webbed gloves to compensate for side roll and that I bought a purge mask for under weather mask clearing.

I Resume training next Thursday at that time I will ask to see my training log book.