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Diving participation rate
Airworks - 9/03/2020 2:34 AM
Category: Survey
Replies: 6

A good friend of mine, and former dive buddy, has recently decided to give up on scuba diving completely.
Of the six buddies I regularly got wet with since 2014, only one continues to dive, but only once or twice a year.
I keep hearing that the scuba diving participation rate continues to drop, and have noticed this within my sphere of influence and relationships. The current COVID pandemic has had some impact on that, but studies have shown that the participation decline began way before it.
If you have been diving a while and have noticed the decline as well, what do you think are the factors contributing to it?
If you have personally stopped diving, or have lessened your involvement, please share your reasons for doing so.
The Answer Choices are limited to 5, but maybe there’s another answer not listed. We’ll call it "Other", so please explain what that is.
Thanks for taking the time!
Airworks - 15 days ago.
[Choose #3] Still diving regularly (almost every week), but having tough time finding consistent buddy
LatitudeAdjustment - 15 days 19 hours ago.
[Choose #1] My wife has ALZ and I need a sitter to go diving so it’s limited my diving, no boat or liveaboards anymore