MrAnthony - 4/16/2018 5:02 PM
You’ll find all kind of weird crap out there that’s "house rules" and not law or even industry practice. One shop I’ve been to "requires" a valve rebuild when they do a VIP. Their excuse is, "Tank valves are the most neglected piece of diver equipment. Therefore we require a valve rebuild when we do a VIP for the safety of our customers... yada yada yada." Ridiculous. No one rebuilds a valve every year. But apparently they have enough customers who don’t care or don’t know any better that they can keep that policy and still be profitable.

And then there’s the shops that won’t fill a tank older than 1988.

Then there’s the clowns who insist they must do an eddy test on 6061 and steel tanks.

It’s the old flawed logic that if the Coast Guard says I must have 2 fire extinguishers on my boat, then if I have four, I’m somehow twice as safe safe from a fire.